Taking Local Food Mainstream with Elizabeth Mozer | Loco Food Distribution

“When people are making things on a smaller scale, usually they’re doing it with a lot more care and they’re not going to that size where you need crazy fillers and preservatives and…weird things.” – Elizabeth Mozer

The best businesses are started by people solving problems that they themselves experience. While struggling to efficiently purchase local food for their Lyric Cinema Cafe in Fort Collins, Elizabeth Mozer and her husband Ben realized there was a gap in the marketplace. In 2011, LoCo Food Distribution started out of a basement. In 2015, they have $2.3M in revenue serving much of Colorado’s Front Range with thirteen employees. Tremendous growth and a testament to the idea that local food can make good business sense!

Elizabeth Mozer is Founder, CEO and COO of LoCo Food Distribution.


  • What kinds of businesses are generating demand for local products
  • How supply and demand varies across different products
  • How they define local and how organic and sustainable relates to that
  • How growing Colorado production is allowing them to shrink their geographic reach
  • How the conversations with grocery chains have changed in the last few years


400 Miles

Most food travels 1500 miles so this isn’t too bad!!


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