MHLV 02: Dana Miller & Michael Anderson | Grow Local Colorado

Dana Miller and Michael Anderson are omnipresent figures in the local food movement in Denver. If there’s a meeting, event or gathering around Denver’s food, you can bet you’ll find one or both of them. They are what network experts might call “super connectors” – they know just about everybody.

In the interview, we repeatedly use the word “movement.” In this context, we mean the “local food movement,” the overall, multifaceted effort to shift from the prevailing chemical industrial food system to a local, sustainable model.

Both Michael and Dana have been engaged in local food in Denver for about ten years. While they work together in the leadership of Grow Local Colorado, they each have other organizations and projects underway from community engagement to publishing.

While we could have spent all our time just talking their respective efforts, I asked Dana and Michael to speak about Denver’s local food movement from a big picture perspective. Where have we come from, where are we now and we are we going? What’s moving in the right direction and what challenges do we face?

Whether you’re brand new to the idea of food localism or already deeply invested, you’ll learn something and find inspiration in this interview.


  • How they define the local food movement
  • The different motives that get people involved in the local food movement
  • How food is at the center of many different issues in our communities and planet
  • What a “breatharian?” is 😉
  • How local and organic (and certified organic) fit together
  • How the local food movement has changed in the last ten years
  • How the local food movement has earned to reach out to the community to get beyond “the choir”
  • How food just part of a larger localism movement
  • How Chipotle is influencing the larger food system
  • The three “big buckets” of the local food movement
    • Plant, Grow, Eat
    • Plant, Grow, Share
    • Plant, Grow, Sell
  • The recent changes in local government policy are opening opportunities to local, independent growers
  • What permaculture means
  • What “weed walking” is
  • What an average person cab do to get involved or make a difference in their daily activities
  • Where folks can find local food in their daily lives
  • How Denver’s growth and hot real estate market is putting pressure on urban agriculture
  • The role of national food policy and what can Denver do on its own



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  1. Wow! That was very illuminating! I enjoyed the entire interview! Thanks, Lee Recca

    1. Wow, thanks a lot! Very kind! Please share it with your friends and family!

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