What is Permaculture with Creighton Hofeditz | Denver Permaculture Guild

“Permaculture is the best toolkit we have to craft a truly sustainable future.” – Creighton Hofeditz

Permaculture – just what is it, exactly?

Here to tell us is Creighton Hofeditz, a CO native, permaculturalist, food educator and Board Member of the Denver Permaculture Guild. The Denver Permaculture Guild is a vibrant, sizeable and still growing group of folks focused on growing the practice and growing practitioners of permaculture in Denver. They also bring in some internationally recognized speakers from time to time and have a very active online community.

This episode is broken in to two parts. Part 1 – What is permaculture? and Part 2 – What is the Denver Permaculture Guild?

  • The origins of permaculture
  • The major elements and principles of permaculture design
  • Why permaculture is necessarily customized to each place it’s applied
  • How permaculture works with food production and with animals
  • How you can get involved, in a big or small way, with permaculture and the Denver Permaculture Guild

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