Launching a Magazine for Local Food Revolutionaries with Michael Brownlee | Local Food Shift

“One of the exciting things about the local food movement is that many people in it are beginning to experience a level of community they never experienced in their lives… People who connect in to this local food revolution are finding that there’s a growing community here and being part of that community means something. And it is this growing community of eaters, focused on local food, that we want to reach with this magazine. This magazine is for them.”

Local Food Shift Magazine is a new quarterly publication, both in print and online, covering and catalyzing the local food revolution in Colorado. Colorado creatives are contributing top-quality content on the “awakening Colorado foodshed and its shift from a globalized industrial food system to a localized regional food supply chain.” Local Food Shift’s first issue comes out in September 2015.

Michael Brownlee is Co-Publisher and Co-Editor of Local Food Shift Magazine, along with his partner Lynette Marie Hanthorn. Michael has “long been a catalyst in the process of food localization, working to ignite, inspire, guide, and empower those who are facing the challenges and opportunities of localizing our food supply and forging a new and restorative way for humanity to feed itself.” Let’s get behind Local Food Shift and help them reach 80,000 readers and more!


  • How the local food revolution is already underway…but has a long way to go
  • How Local Food Shift differentiates from other food-oriented publications
  • What kind of stories and content you can expect from Local Food Shift
  • Why they have “members” and not just subscribers
  • Where you can find this magazine (beyond your own mailbox, of course!)
  • Which state tops the locavore index (hint, it’s not Colorado…or California!!)
  • The cool rewards Local Food Shift is giving to their Barnraiser contributors!
  • How their funding model takes a page from Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs)


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  1. thank you so much for this !

    many of us have been doing this for many years, and it is nice to see this is catching on… just awesome for we are in a shift, and many of us have life skills we are going to bring into this new concept for many…..


    1. Author

      I agree, Jean, there have been many pioneers and I, and we, have a lot to learn from them. And as we pull more under the umbrella, we build the scale to pull in even more! I appreciate your support!!

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