Hi! Thanks for coming by! I’m Nate and I’m the host of Mile High Locavorist. Let me give you a 30-second bio, some personal history and then tell you how I got here and why I’m doing this show.

I’m a Colorado native and have called Denver home since 2005. I have worked for the better part of ten years as an IT / business consultant, learning a great deal about business, people and what matters to me. A few years ago, I left the country to travel long-term and met a beautiful, spirited young woman from China who’s now my wife. I still travel internationally a few times a year. No kids, no pets but they’re both on the list. (Was that 30 seconds? Pretty close I think.)

A Little More Personal History

I grew up in southeastern Colorado in a family of farmers (no, not Durango – southeast Colorado, near Lamar). I’ve spent more time on tractors and scraping manure off my shoes than most folks reading this page, though I’m no farmer that’s for sure. I learned enough about farming to know it wasn’t for me.

Despite growing up around farming, I didn’t take much interest in or learn much about food. Like a lot of folks, my mom worked full time and did what a lot of working moms often must – find a way to get something on the table. We weren’t drive-through devotees by any means, but easy mattered and more or less, I carried my food ignorance and ambivalence into adulthood.

I went to college at a small school in Texas and stumbled into a career in Denver as an IT / business consultant. In short, I helped companies solve business problems, usually involving computers. A couple of years ago, looking for a new direction and some adventure, I left the US to travel abroad and I’m still spending a decent amount of time each year overseas, continuing my work as a consultant when I’m stateside. But that’s just paying bills. Let’s talk about food!

How I Got Here

As a younger man, I saw so many problems in the world and knew I wanted to help solve them, but trying to boil the ocean is a tall order. I needed focus and did plenty of soul searching. I found my direction in a chance conversation.

In 2007, a coworker told me about his wife’s battle with breast cancer. Their doctor had recommended avoiding all the chemicals in “normal food” by switching to organic. Organic? I didn’t know what organic food was. At that time, I ate what was easy and tasted good. I didn’t think much about food besides trying limit my intake and sneak an odd vegetable in here or there. I knew food could impact my health, mostly from eating too much, but I thought food was food! I knew all about pesticides and fertilizers – they’re as necessary as seed and water in the farming I grew up with. But all those chemicals are safe, right? They wouldn’t let them use them otherwise, right? I mean, “they” wouldn’t sell us food that was bad for us, right?

Well… “they” just might.

(See our Resources page for recommended books, movies, and websites to help you learn more.)

That eye-opening 2007 conversation about organic food changed everything for me. I’ve learned an awful lot about food since then, most of it pretty dismaying. And food, I would learn, matters way beyond personal health and flavor. Food sits at the intersection of so many local and global problems that matter to me. So Nate, get up and do something about it, right!? Right! …But what?

Why I’m Doing This Show

Local food rights so many of the wrongs in our food system, especially when it’s organic. I’m convinced that the more people learn the benefits of local food, they more they’ll demand local food. Rising demand (your demand, yes you!) has big ripple effects and the whole local food ecosystem grows as a result. What’s why I’m doing this podcast.

Mile High Locavorist is my way of connecting Denver’s eaters with the people and energy of Denver’s local food movement. I think a podcast is a perfect fit to make that connection. Podcasts are personal, honest and accessible.

Beyond connecting you, this podcast is also my way of learning! Sure I’ve read some books and talked to some people but I’m not the world’s expert on food or food systems. I’m learning right alongside you from people right here in Denver who are making a difference in our local food shed, in ways big and small, every day.

Finally, as your host, I’m here to serve you. If I don’t serve you, I won’t earn your support. Without your support, I don’t have an audience and this is all just a waste of time. So let me know how I can serve you better and if I’m doing alright, a little encouragement is welcome, too 😉

Thanks for reading and again, welcome!